"Kakini: A home away from home. Everything here is Zabardast. I received a lot of love, here. A good friends like Lubna, Irum, Sehrish....., A sweet & helping bro like Moin, Rayees......., A dashing, humble, magnanimous, energetic, ruthless, beautiful Mam, Dr. Aanchal Khurana, A loving & caring teachers, I can say a home sweet home & head of family, Mr. Sanjay Kol no words to express him."
Azar Altaf Ganai, Sopore, J&K
"This is the first place in my life where I spent such a large part of my life and did not ever miss the family from which I came. It was an excellent experience."
Danish Mushtaq Wani
From the day I came here I saw a change in my life and I am yet to understand the change within. The lovely happiness and all I got in Kakini will be memorable. Whenever words Best, Happiness, Joy, Love etc. will come to my mind Kakini will be fully with them. 5 months were short time. These 5 months have left a great mark. These seen to be more than 5 decades. I will not write so much of paper to say "I LUV KAKINI"
Idrees Miraj Janwari, Sopore, J&K
There is my best life and best time is in my Kakini. So miss Kakini.
"My heart is Kakini. My love is Kakini. My family is Kakini."
Imtiyaz Ahmed Lone
"16-12-10 was the fateful day when I came to Kakini... It was the begining of a drastic change in my perception towards my life & my career. Kakini left an indelible mark on my heart & soul. I am thankful to all my teachers especially Pushkar Sir, Amya Maam & Yadav Sir for sharing their knowledge with us & for giving us that extra edge that different rated us from rest of the AIEEE aspirants. Thanks to Sanjay Sir, for changes being there and to Aanchal Maam for her affection & unmatched love... And thanks to both for making us feel at home."
Lubna Shafi, Sopore, J&K
"Well I must say that I way lucky enough to become a part of this institute. It was really a home away from home. I will never ever forget the concern and love of Mr. Sanjay Sir & Dr. Aanchal Maam towards us. I LOVE YOU all & will never forget you all. It is really very hard to miss you."
Majid Khursheed, Baramulla, J&K
"For me Kakini is that river which will flow forever. It will never end. I will definitely follow/walk on that path which Kakini has showed me in these 41 months. I would like to thank SirKaul, Maam Anchal for their healthy cooperation."
Sharish Jan
"The best time I spent in my life at Kakini..... I will miss you...."
Shaheed Ali
"There are only three ingrediants of life viz learning, earning and yearning but I think Kakini is the fourth one."
Sheikh Mohammad Saleem
"Don't follow the path people follow. make path for people to follow. i.e. what I have Kakini here......"
Mohammad Iqbal Ujaman Bhat
"People are enormously present in this world but very few like Kakini ones."
Asif Jameel Reshi
"Kakini Rocks"
Danish Ellahie Mir
"Stay at Kakini was the best part of my life will never forget this experience."
Mubasher Javid Bhat